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2018 New 7 Truck Sat Nav Full European Mapping Backup Maps 2 Charger 1000s POIMSB 2531 ARM Cortex A7 800MHzBuilt in one rechargeable lithium battery 1700mAH (10min-25min off charge)DC 5V~1.5A, charged by AC charger or car charger47 European Countries Mapping with Back up Maps

New 2018 TruckNav E100 Sat Nav GPS system: 1 x Mini USB Cable, 2 x Truck/Car Charger (12/24 volt) 1 x Windscreen Holder and Cradle, 1 x User Guide, 1 x Touch Pen and 1 x Sun-shield. The TruckNav Sat Nav has become one of the most important tools in the everyday working life of a trucker. Drivers have to trust this piece of equipment every day to take them to their destination, avoiding all the pitfalls that truckers have to worry about. For example: bridges, weight restrictions and height restrictions etc. As a fellow truck driver with 31 years in the industry with both UK and European experience, drivers are looking for something with: a user friendly interface, reliable and cheap. With my TruckNav Sat Nav, you get in the box not one, but TWO CHARGERS that are 12/24v coverage (that means for both cars and trucks.) How many times have you wanted a second charger when the first one has blown Also with my Sat Nav, the primary programme is on an SD card. How many of us have had the navigation programme go wrong and left waiting for 7-10 days for a new SD card With my Sat Nav, you get a secondary truck navigation programme built into the Sat Nav. So with a phone call you can be up and running with a secondary programme (for trucks) and on your way - not sat with your thumb up your bum!!

2018 7 Truck Sat Nav Full European Mapping Backup Maps UK Keyfuels DKV LIWKNCQYW

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