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3-year manufacturer's warranty20x compatible ink cartridges-4x pigment black, 4x Black, 4x Cyan, 4x Magenta, 4x Yellow.Alternative product-it is not original;Compatible with Canon PGI 570PBK CLI 571BK CLI 571°C CLI 571m CLI 571Y. Simply insert and print.Compatible ink cartridges from the easy line series

20x compatible ink cartridges for use with Canon PGL570CLI571-(4x Pbk, 4x black, 4x cyan, 4x magenta, 4x yellow).
Ink cartridges from the high-quality easy line series-with Active level indicator.
Compatible Ink Sealed and tested on the market. The ink cartridges are produced according to DIN standards and tested to ensure print quality and colour intensity. Print quality and use like the original but so much less expensive.
20x Compatible Canon PGL570CLI571-(4x Pigment Black Ink Cartridges 4x Black, 4x Cyan, 4x Magenta, 4x Yellow).
Compatible with the following models:
Canon Pixma MG 5700Series/MG 5750/MG 5750Series/MG 5751/MG 5752/MG 5753/MG 6800Series/MG 6850/MG 6850Series/MG 6851/MG 6852/MG 6853/MG 7700Series/MG 7750/MG 7750Series/MG 7751/MG 7752/MG 7753/TS 5000Series/TS 5050/TS 5050Series/TS 5051/TS 5052/TS 5053/TS 5055/TS 6000Series/TS 6040/TS 6050/TS 6050Series/TS 6051/TS 6052/TS 8000Series/TS 8040/TS 8050/TS 8050Series/TS 8051/TS 8052/TS 8053/TS 9000Series/TS 9050/TS 9050Series/TS 9055
4x ink cartridge black ink cartridges for 570PGBK) each 24ml (
Compatible Ink Cartridges Black (571BK) each 12ml
4x ink cartridges Cyan (571°C)-12ml
4x ink cartridges magenta (571m) each 12ml
4x ink cartridges yellow (571Y) each 12ml.
Cartridges from the high-quality easy line series
Additional Notes
Instantly despatched within 1-2days.
3year guarantee (see our warranty statement).

4x Eurotone Cartridges for HP J4680 J4545 4500 Wireless J4524 J4585 J4624 J4550 J4535 J4540 J4580 J4660 replaces 901XL CMYK MWKNBIIIA

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