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Handlebar mount, waterproof GPS case and direct to battery hardwire charger with straight mini USB connector.Fits handlebars 16mm to 33mm. Fully adjustable, easy to fit, removable.Fits GPS Satnav devices with a maximum size of 137mm x 86mm x 40mm.Protects from damp weather and rain showers. Do not submerge or use underwater.Straight mini USB connector, waterproof, ON/OFF switch, fused, powers direct from the motorcycles battery.

What do I get
1 x waterproof protective case fits 137mm x 86mm x 40mm maximum dimensions.
1 x handlebar mount
1 x Ultimate Addons motorcycle direct to battery charging cable with a straight mini USB power connector.
Handlebar mount features:
Fits handlebars 16mm-33mm.
Ball joint pedestal design offers maximum adjustment. Tightening ring to secures position.
Includes 2 x rubber inserts to cushion & protect handlebars.
5 screen GPS Case features:
Offers protection from damp weather & rain showers.
Transparent touch sensitive lens.
Water resistant zip.
Cable access.
Supplied with 5 support pad to enable devices of varying sizes to be inserted as standard.
Case un-clips easily for security or storage.
Direct to Battery Hard-Wire charging cable features:
Waterproof designed for motorcycle with On / Off switch
Fused, LED indicator
Input Voltage: DC 6-24V / Maximum Charging Current: 1A / Output Voltage: DC 5V
Reverse Voltage, Short-Circuit, Overload protection
Built in Surge Protector & Weather caps
Total Cable length - Approx 3 metres
Device plug to Connector = approx 50cm
Connector to Switch box = approx 1m
Switch box to Battery Connectors = approx 1.5m
On/Off Switch Box size - 6cm x 2.4cm x 3.9cm
Includes STRAIGHT MINI USB Charging connector.
CE Approved
12 Month Warranty

5inch SatNav GPS Powered Motorcycle Mount Straight Mini USB SKU 14034 HSYJFXTBM

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