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High Quality Non-Branded Battery3.7vDirect replacement for the original batteryHigh Power with low internal resistanceNo memory effect, Great value quality replacement partFast charge cycle

PLEASE NOTE: Please check carefully before making this purchase this battery will not be compatible if: If you have upgraded your camera firmware to 1.5 or higher. Our high capacity replacement batteries are each designed & tested specifically for your model. The high capacity battery enhances battery performance by offering lower internal resistance for extended life over the standard battery. Our batteries are safe to use, identical in size & shape to the original manufacturer's batteries and great value with quick delivery. Features * High capacity battery cell * Direct replacement for the original battery * Lower internal resistance * Uses Li-ion technology * No memory effect and 1 Battery Supplied.Panasonic Lumix F2 Series:- DMC-F2, DMC-F3, DMC-F3K, DMC-F3P, DMC-F3S,Panasonic Lumix FH Series:- DMC-FH1, DMC-FH3, DMC-FH20, DMC-FH22, DMC-FH33Panasonic Lumix DMC-FP Series:- DMC-FP8, DMC-FP8A, DMC-FP8G, DMC-FP8K, DMC-FP8N, DMC-FP8P, DMC-FP8R, DMC-FP8S, DMC-FP8VPanasonic Lumix DMC-FS Series:- DMC-FS4, DMC-FS6, DMC-FS7, DMC-FS8, DMC-FS11, DMC-FS12, DMC-FS15, DMC-FS25, DMC-FS30, DMC-FS33, DMC-FS42, DMC-FS62, DMC-FS7Panasonic Lumix DMC-FT Series:- DMC-FT1, DMC-FT2, DMC-FT2A, DMC-FT2D, DMC-FT2SPanasonic Lumix DMC-FX Series:- DMC-FX40, DMC-FX48, DMC-FX500, DMC-FX550, DMC-FX580, DMC-FX60, DMC-FX60A, DMC-FX60K, DMC-FX60N, DMC-FX60P, DMC-FX60S, DMC-FX60V, DMC-FX65, DMC-FX65A, DMC-FX65K, DMC-FX65N, DMC-FX65P, DMC-FX65S, DMC-FX65V, DMC-FX66, DMC-FX66A, DMC-FX66N, DMC-FX66P, DMC-FX66S, DMC-FX66V, DMC-FX70A, DMC-FX70K, DMC-FX70N, DMC-FX70P, DMC-FX70S, DMC-FX70V, DMC-FX75, DMC-FX75K, DMC-FX75N, DMC-FX75P, DMC-FX75S, DMC-FX75VPanasonic Lumix DMC-TS Series:- DMC-TS1, DMC-TS2

Battery for Panasonic DMW-BCF10e Fits Panasonic Lumix VTYQJAEIW

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