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Stereo surround sound, 4 hours of listening to songs, 4 hours of calls, 10 days standby.The two ears are separated from the Bluetooth headset, the 1600MAH charging seat, and the Chinese and English voice prompts.Through the transmission chip series, monophonic headphones are converted to sound and fusion, allowing the ears to enjoy more free and shocking real wireless stereo.Adopt Bluetooth technology 4.2, adopt built-in microphone, and use echo cancellation technology to reduce distortion rate.The Bluetooth headset can support two mobile phones.

I7 for ear wireless Bluetooth headset (V4.2 Bluetooth chip).

Product function:

Bluetooth version: version 4.2

Transmission distance: outdoor straight line distance of 10-18 meters

Battery capacity: polymer lithium battery 50mah

Charge box battery capacity: 1000mah

Listen to music time: 2.5 hours on and down / pause

Call time: 2 hours

Standby time: 130 hours

Charge time: 1-2 hours

Working current: 22MA

Standby current: 4uA

-Bluetooth class--- Bluetooth level: class2 and class3

-frequency band--- band / band: 2.4 - 2.485GHz

-modulation process--- modulation process: GFSK

The maximum transmitting power of -max. transmitter power--- is +2DBm.

Pairing: long press blue light flash is a common pairing mode. After starting, it does not relax and continue to flicker fast in three seconds to blue light. At this time, the hint sound is paring, and then into the pair of binears. The blue light flashes after the double ears match.

Hint: the starting point: POWER ON

Shutdown hints: power off

Pairing status hints: paring

Connection prompt: you device is connect

Disconnect the connection prompt: you device is disconnect

Low power prompt: battery low

Key function: long press and turn on, long press and turn off, click music stop / play / call answer / hang up phone, double click the next song.

Charge instructions:

Headset charging indicator: earphone charging, red light, and red light after the battery is full.

Charging box charging indicator:

1. when charging the headset to the headset, the green LED lights on the charging box flickers, the headphones are full, and the green LED lights go out.

2. when charging the charging box, the green LED lights on the charging box are flickering, the charging box is full, and the green LED lamp is long and bright.

Feng-Bin Mini Bluetooth headset wireless ear type waterproof and anti sweat intelligent drag two Color Pink OHBKUKQCA

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