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Everyone, different time, cooling demand is not the same, three speed options (mode: 3 speed mode: low, medium, high. 3 airflow mode: natural, sleep, normal.), cool and free to master!Application: Suitable for homes, offices, greenhouses, garages, outbuildings, mobile homes or caravans.60° oscillation function, wide-area gas supply.Infrared remote control mode, effective distance ≤ 6 meters, effective angle 360 ° no dead angle.7 hours of intelligent timing settings, the elderly and children sleep peacefully,70° inclined chassis, strong load-bearing capacity, stable and not easy to fall.

Product Name: HQQ
product description
The height is 1.23 meters, due to the height, from head to toe cooling, changing the height of the ordinary tower fan.
Streamlined design, outstanding luxury, leafless safety design, soft and windy without hurting people.

Product Name: Tower fan
Color type: red
Control method: remote control + touch screen
Maximum timing range: 8 hours or more
Whether with a remote control: Yes
Air supply method: shaking head
Power mode: AC
Rated power: 220V-50Hz
Wind class selection: nature / sleep / normal
Gear selection: 9 files
Input power: 32W

▪ This is not an air conditioner, so the effect will be different. It consists mainly of a fan and an evaporation system that cools and humidifies the room. You can try a few hours to see if the results meet your requirements. It needs to be used with open windows to keep the air flowing
▪ Due to different monitors, the product will have a slight color difference. Please refer to the actual product, thank you.
▪ Since the product is measured manually, the error is 1-3 CM. Please refer to the actual product. thank you for understanding.
▪ We will ship within the next 24-36 hours, delivery time is 7-15 days.

HQQ Tower Fan LED Liquid Crystal Display Intelligent Remote Control Air Circulation Fan Leafless Fan KGLUWXXXO

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