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Comfortable touch, surface rubber oil coating, such as skin like delicate touch, wear comfortable,earphone and ear bone fully fit, headphone head adopts 180 free rotation design, and the right and left ears are freely converted to wear, so as to meet your needs.The ear bone is stressed, It is designed with a zero pressure and ear hanging design,The earphone is hung on the ear bone and fully attached to the ear bone, feeling zero pressure and wearing a painless feeling for a long time.4.1 Bluetooth CVC intelligent noise reduction technology, efficient filtering noise, deep reduction of incoming voice, even bad environment noisy can also high-definition call,the smart devices with Bluetooth function on the market can be easily connected.Independent metal cavity design, shielding interference reduce distortion, tone purity, high sensitive large momentum horn, sound quality, effectively protect your ears from noise trouble.Super long standby, meet a variety of uses, dripping orders, express dispatch list, business office, truck driver, accompany you on the way, even in the bad environment, such as rain, wind and snow weather, it will be normal work, accompany you.

Basic functions:
Answer / Hang: short click multifunction key
Rejection: double click the multifunction key
Upper and lower music operation: double hit the next
Playback / pause: short click multifunction keys
Start: a 3 second multi function key machine
Shutdown: a 4 second multi function key
Pairing operation: a 5 second multi function key
Auto sleep: the headphones are automatically shut down after they are disconnected for 5 minutes.
Real time display of iOS system headset
Product parameters:
Model: K21
Bluetooth version: V4.1
Use radius: 8-12 meters
Battery capacity: 300mA
Charge long: 2.5 hours
Listen to the song for a long time: 24 hours
Call long: 32 hours
Earphone weight: about 14 grams
Applicable products:
Apple / Samsung / HUAWEI / millet and other smartphones, Pad and other tablet computers, laptop computers, desktop computers (no Bluetooth configured computers need to buy Bluetooth adapters).
Pairing steps:
1. turn off the state, press the 5 second multi function key to the voice prompt, turn on the machine and enter the connection state. At this time, the headset signal indicator light is always bright.
2. to turn on Bluetooth and search for new Bluetooth devices.
3. After searching for the K21 device, click on the paired connection.

LQUYY K21 Bluetooth Wireless Headset V4 1 Ear-Hook Headphones Portable Noise Reduction Microphone For Iphone And Android Office Driving Business WRRIRILKC

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