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Large 100m Transmission Range, Supports up to 5 Groups and has 32 different channelsSupports High Speed Sync up to 1/8000th sec.Can also be used as a Wireless shutter releaseLarge LCD Display, Powered by 2x AA batteriesBox Content: 1x PRO ST-III O (Transmitter)

The PIXAPRO PRO ST-III O is a 2.4GHz Radio flash trigger system capable of transmitting TTL information designed for use with Olympus/Panasonic cameras and TTL Compatible flashes. The PIXAPRO PRO ST-III O trigger set has a transmission range of approximately 100m in an open area, and since the transmitter and receivers use radio waves as opposed to Infra-red, you don't need direct line of sight, and is not affected by bright Sunlight which can sometimes cause problems with optical slave systems. The PIXAPRO PRO ST-III O also has a full GR Group style interface allowing up to 5 Groups to be individually set to either TTL, Manual, or Off. You also have the ability to mix TTL and Manual Groups if needed, which makes the PRO ST-III system very versatile. The ST-III system also has 32 separate channels, which enable you to use your ST-III trigger system in the vicinity of other photographers, without fear of accidentally triggering each other's lights. The PIXAPRO PRO ST-III O supports TTL, HSS (High Speed Sync) and even has a HSS Pre-sync Timing Adjustment feature, which is great for those times where you need to increase your shutter-speed beyond your camera's sync speed. It also features a PC sync cable socket enabling it to be used to trigger studio strobes, as well as a Micro USB port to enable you to update the ST-III's Firmware as new technologies become available. The perfect solution for the busy photographer who require a reliable TTL radio trigger system.

PIXAPRO ST-III TTL High-Speed Sync Wireless Flash Trigger Set Fast Delivery UK Stock VAT Registered &hellip Transmitter For Olympus Panasonic YNQEYBRPD

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